Verdigris Ensemble's Rookie Year in Pictures

I'm a recovering jock and a kid of the 80's so an appreciation for music outside the genres of heavy metal, my kid's rap on occasion and a smattering of disparate Spotify playlists and towards a more sophisticated taste hasn't come easy for me. Luckily, last year I met Sam Brukhman and his Verdigris Ensemble. These good folks have brought choral music to people like me who have really only associated this kind of music within the confines of the churches. They are, in the own words, "exploring the boundaries of the choral medium" in a way that speaks to a contemporary audience in a very fresh and extraordinary way "through honest choral storytelling". I've been blessed to photograph them throughout this inaugural year and can't tell you how blessed I've been. Please consider keeping up with Verdigris and attending their 2nd season concerts which were just announced. Cheers!